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Ok, I’ve finally decided to get off my butt and do something about making backups of all the precious family data. Up until now it has just been waiting to fall into a digital black hole.


  • one linux server
  • enough hard disk space to make backups
  • family PCs running Windows that have precious data on them
  • a home network
  • General information about using snapshot/rsync backup method
  • snapback2 backup software

From here on, I’ll suppose that the server, windows PCs and network are already installed.

To get a working backup system, do the following

  • Install Config::ApacheFormat from CPAN

        perl -MCPAN -e shell
        cpan> install Config::ApacheFormat
  • Install snapback2
  • Create /etc/snapback2.conf containing something like this with a Directory directive for each PC

        Hourlies 4
        Dailies 7
        Weeklies 4
        Monthlies 12
        #AutoTime Yes
        AutoTime No
        Compress No
        Debug 4
        #AdminEmail backups@yourdomain.org
        AdminEmail you@yourdomain
        AlwaysEmail Yes
        LogFile /var/log/snapback.log
        ChargeFile /var/log/snapback.charges
        Exclude core.*
        SnapbackRoot /etc/snapback
        #DestinationList /mnt/backup1 /mnt/backup2
        DestinationList /root/snapshot
        RsyncShell none
        Directory /mnt/FranksDocs/
        Directory /mnt/JonsDocs/
        Directory /home/share/
  • Run snapback2 from cron every hour

      0 * * * * /usr/bin/snapback2
  • Configure PCs to share documents read only
  • Use automount and Samba to access the documents on the PC hard disks

    • Put the following into /etc/auto.master

      /mnt file:/etc/auto.mnt
      • For each PC add something like this into /etc/auto.mnt

        • FranksDocs -fstype=smbfs,username=guest,password=,ro,fmask=755,dmask=755 ://
    • make sure automount is started at boot time (symbolic link in /etc/rc5.d)
    • Export backups locally read-only through NFS (/etc/exports)
      • /root/snapshot/localhost/mnt/FranksDocs,ro,norootsquash) *execute exportfs -a
    • Mount read-only file system accessible to users (/etc/fstab)
      • /snapshot/FranksDocs nfs ro,addr= 0 0 o create mount point /snapshot/FranksDocs
    • Export using Samba so users can access their backups

      • Create /etc/samba/smb.conf

        + # Global Parameters
          workgroup = YOURWORKGROUP
          security = SHARE
          server string =
          #printing = CUPS
          #printcap name = CUPS
          disable spoolss = Yes
          #show add printer wizard = No
          wins support = yes
        + [SaveFrank]
          comment = Recover old versions of Frank's files here
          path = /snapshot/FranksDocs
          read only = Yes
          force user = share
          force group = family
          guest ok = Yes
          nt acl support = No
  • That’s it you’re done

2 thoughts on “Home data backup recipe

  1. Alexander Houben

    Hi Frank,

    a great recipe, that’s exactly what I was looking for for some time now. I’ll try it out in the next few days and come back with feedback.

    cheers, alex


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