Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron: Automatic login

Of course I don’t generally recommend, nor use automatically logging in to your Ubuntu system. But there are some cases in which it can be useful to enable auto logins, such as when a computer user is disabled and can’t easily use a keyboard.

So enough talking, it’s time for some action!

  1. Enable automatic login

    • Log in with account that is authorized as a system administrator
    • Open System/Administration/Login Window
    • In Security tab Enable Automatic Login and choose user
    • If there is a password protected wifi connection, then another password will still be requested by the Gnome Keyring manager.
  2. Removing the keyring password :

    • Log in with default account
    • Open Preferences/Encryption and Keyrings
    • Select the entry “login Automatically unlocked when user logs in.”
    • Click on “Change Unlock Password”
    • Enter old password, and leave new passwords blank

That’s it you’re done!

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